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• Helps in Piles, improves Digestion
• Used in treating bleeding Piles
• Acts as a mild laxative and also improves 

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DR. Deepak Rathi



Dr. Deepak Rathi is a Renowned Ayurvedic Expert and is known for his expertise in ayurvedic "Kshar Sutra Therapy" for the successful treatment of all kind of Simple and Complicated Anal Fist Read More ...

New Delhi, Delhi

DR. Rajesh Chhabra


Piles, Hypertension,

Dr Rajesh Chhabra, is a graduate in Indian system of medicine from prestigious Delhi University and is into private practice since 1991. His area of interest is metabolic disorders and ano rectal dise Read More ...

New Delhi, Delhi

DR. S. K. Singh

MS (Ayurveda) |

Piles, Kshara Sutra,

Dr. S. K. Singh, M.S. (Ayurveda), B.H.U. is one of India's most outstanding Ksharsutra consultant, is a post graduate in Ayurvedic surgery from B.H.U., India's premier Institute of Ayurveda. H Read More ...

New Delhi, Delhi

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