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Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death worldwide. CVD covers a wide array of disorders, including diseases of the cardiac muscle and of the vascular system supplying the heart, brain and other vital organs. The most common causes of CVD morbidity and mortality are ischemic heart disease (IHD), stroke, congestive heart failure (CHF).

Ischemic heart disease– The two leading manifestations of IHD are angina and acute myocardial infarction. Angina is the characteristic pain of IHD. It is caused by atherosclerosis leading to stenosis (partial occlusion) of one or more coronary arteries. Acute myocardial infarction is the total occlusion of a major coronary artery with a complete lack of oxygen and nutrients leading to cardiac muscle necrosis. AMI is usually diagnosed by changes in the electrocardiogram; by elevated serum enzymes, such as creatine phosphokinase and troponin T or I and by pain similar to that of angina.

Stroke– it is caused by a disruption in the flow of blood to part of the brain either because of the occlusion of blood vessel (ischemic stroke) or the rupture of a blood vessel.

Congestive Heart Failure– CHF is the end stage of many heart diseases, characterized by abnormalities in myocardial function and neurohormonal regulation resulting in fatigue, fluid retention, and reduced longevity. The risk factors of developing CHF is two times more in hypertensive men and three times more in hypertensive women compared with those who are normotensive.


Cardiovascular Diseases

Why heart diseases getting common in youngsters?

  • Smoking is made look sexy in the movies; which is not.
  • Taking pre-workouts and doing strenuous exercises in the gym.
  • Late night meals while watching Netflix & stuffing yourself with more refined food like pizza, pasta, biscuits, chips & what not!!
  • Drinking less water and more carbonated drinks.
  • Sitting for 6 hours straight without taking any break!!!

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    • Pain-
      1. With insidious onset over months or years.
      2. Variable or intermittent (good days or bad days).
      3. Morning stiffness (<15 minutes).
      4. Usually only one or a few joints painful.
    • Restricted movement of the joint.
    • Coarse crepitus- voice of shifting of bones on movement of joint.
    • Bony swelling around joint margins.
    • Muscle weakness and wasting.
    • Sometimes tenderness of joints.
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    Useful Herbs

    • Arjun
    • Shunthi
    • Pushkarmool
    • Haritaki
    • Guduchi
    • Punarnava
    • Vasa
    • Bala


    • Include citrus fruits like amla, pomegranate, tomatoes in your diet.
    • Eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.
    • Include pulses like moong in your diet.
    • You can add boiled chicken in your diet if a non vegetarian.
    • Add yoga to your daily routine.
    • Always walk at least 100 steps post meal.
    • Take care of your mental health, start meditating for minimum 20-30 minutes daily.
    • Stay positive always.


    • Do not overeat or do over fasting.
    • Do not excess workout.
    • Avoid eating excess maida products like bread, pizza, momos etc.
    • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks and alcohol.
    • Do not eat excess sweet or salty food items.
    • Do not overthink or take much stress.

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