7 Ayurvedic Tips to Fight Allergy

Understanding Allergy as per Ayurveda

Allergies are mostly caused in three ways, namely

  1. Food allergy
  2. Allergy from contact
  3. Airborne allergy from pollutants and other particles.

Ayurveda believes that the presence of Ama, which is the toxin in our system, is what leads to the weakening of our immune system response and causes allergies. While the type of toxins present in the system can vary, here are a few ayurvedic tips to deal with allergies.

1. Ignite Your Agni

Balance your diet with food that supports your metabolism. Try to avoid cold, heavy food items like meat, dairy products, highly processed food, and sugar. Replace these with freshly cooked vegetables and warm food items.

2. Neti Pot

Neti pot is the practice of using the diluted saline solution for nasal rinse. It helps in eliminating allergens and loosening up the sinus.

3. Nasya Practice

Nasya is an ayurvedic practice carried out using sesame oil-induced with herbs such as eucalyptus. The oil drops are gently passed into the nostrils helping in eliminating allergens from dry nostrils. It is best when practiced after neti pot.

4. Spice up your food

The addition of spices into your diet can not only boost your metabolism but also help in improving overall health. Herbs such as tulsi, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper are good for your respiratory health also.

5. Triphala

Terrific trio- Amalaki, haritaki, and bibtaki forms Triphala. This is capable of removing toxins that slow down your digestion. It strengthens the whole functional system.

6. Pranayam

Pranayama is yogic breathwork practice. It helps in strengthening the lungs and has an overall benefit for the whole body.

7. Regular Excercise

Workout every day for at least 30 minutes. Opt for jogging/walking, home workouts, yoga, dance, or any other physical sport of your choice. Regular workout improves blood circulation and strengthens the body with the immunity system.

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An imbalance in doshas can tend to aggravate the tendency to allergies. Hence a balanced lifestyle that keeps the doshas under check is the first step toward dealing with allergies. While some reactions can be mild itching to bloating, certain reactions can be fatal with inflammation of internal organs and difficulty in breathing.

Ayurveda is the school of medicine that believes in and practices a holistic approach to life. It targets the root cause rather than treating the symptoms. It is crucial to find the right guidance on this path for good results. You can find the best ayurvedic doctor for allergy at and book an appointment for Online Ayurvedic consultation. This feature allows you to consult experienced doctors from the comfort of your home


  1. What causes allergies?

Allergic reactions are caused due to the hypersensitive nature of our immune system. In this case, our immune system, which is our defense mechanism to protect ourselves from harmful foreign bodies misunderstands harmless foreign bodies and produces histamine, which is responsible for these reactions.

2. Is Ayurveda effective for allergies?

Ayurveda is a school of medicine that considers the body as a whole functioning unit. Hence ayurvedic treatments target the root cause and are highly effective for allergies. Ayurvedic treatments are always designed to be a step ahead thus serving as a preventive approach. promotes this school of thought and brings the ayurvedic doctor specializing to deal with allergies on board. You can avail this service via online consultation.

3. Are Ayurvedic home remedies helpful?

Ayurvedic home remedies to deal with allergies aim at boosting our immune system. While these practices are beneficial for our overall health, it is always advisable to consult an experienced ayurvedic doctor for personalized treatment. This equips you with long-term results. You can book your online consultation with the best ayurvedic doctors at

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