Mother Medicine of nature : Tulsi Plant

On this auspicious month of Navaratri, we celebrate all avatar of Maa Durga on each day. On this auspicious month we bow ourselves to Tulsi plant as a mother medicine of nature and also the queen of herbs. Tulsi is a plant most sacred to Krishna also known as holy basil .Tulsi is worshipped as manifestation of godess Tulasi, also as avatar of Lakshmi.


Vrinda, Vaishnavi, Vishnu vallabha, Haripriya

Types of Tulsi

Krishna Tulsi
Rama Tulsi
Vana Tulsi
Kapoor Tulsi


  1. Beta Caryopheyllene,
  2. Eugenol,
  3. Carvacrol,
  4. Linalool,
  5. Ursolic acid,
  6. Rosmarinic acid.

These constituents helps in

  1. Prevention of cancer
  2. obesity
  3. diabetes
  4. Treating liver diseases
  5. Blood purifier
  6. Respiratory tract infection
  7. Anti-inflammatory
  8. Anti microbial
  9. Anti allergic

How Tulsi plant helps us

1) Daily boiling 5 to 10 Tulsi leaves in 2 litre water, used for drinking specially during season changing time to prevent cold, cough.
2) Tulsi swaras ( concentrated Tulsi leaves rasa) 1 tsp + black pepper1 pinch for cold and cough.
3) Decoction of Tulsi leaves + ginger after cooling down mix with honey 1tsp for asthma, cough, cold and bronchitis.

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