The menopause is the time period in every women’s life, that marks the end of menstrual cycle.
It’s confirmed confirmed after women have gone 12 month without a menstrual cycle during her late 40’s.
It’s a new start to every woman in her life. So she should be supported, pampered emotional and physically.


We as a part of our family always should take care of the beautiful woman, she may be our mother, sister, aunt, wife, or friend during this phase of her life, moral support of everyone makes things easy.

Menopause is not a desease, it’s a natural changing movement of women’s life with few symptoms which disturbs her physical and mentally.


Symptoms may vary from individual to individual.
Common symptoms are
1) Hot flashes
2) Sweating
3) Decreased energy
4) Sleep disturbance
5) Mood swings
6) Irregular menstruation
7) Anxiety
8) Weight gain
9) Vaginal dryness
10) Skin problems

Because of hormone estrogen and progesterone level dropping above symptoms develop.
Lasts for days, months and for a year during and post menopause in women.

This process happens in three stages
2) Menopause
3)Post menopause

During this period, women should take care of health with proper diet to balance calcium levels, which helps to prevent osteoarthritis.
In Ayurveda we call menopause as Rajonivritti.
1)Have vata pitta pacifying diet.

2)Kumari( Aloe vera) fresh pulp pieces mixed with water + 1 tsp lemon juice with 1 cup of water daily helps to balance hormones, hot flushes because of phytoestrogen components in aloevera.

3) Methi(Fenugreek seeds) 1/4 tsp+ 1/2 tsp til( sesame seeds) soaked in 1/2 cup of water overnight, have it in morning, helps to over come symptoms and balances calcium.

4) Shatavari, Amalaki are the best friends of women in different stages of life.

5) Abhyanga(oil massage), Shirodhara helps to be relaxed physically and mentally. 6) Diet plays an important role during menopause.
Diet plan should be made up from basic three food groups
1)Seeds, nuts, and grains.
2) Vegetables.
3) Fruits.

So keeping all these in mind just cross the new start with good food, and healthy mind with out any difficulty. To be relaxed physically and mentally all through the journey.

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