Sleep is the nature rule as well gift to all living things to take complete rest from their activities, to rejuvenate the body and the mind.

It’s a god gift that there is no need of any reservations, priority , influence is required to get a sleep for an individual. But in today’s life style, this basic necessity has grown in to a major concern of health issue that is Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder difficulty in falling sleep, proper continuous sleep, disturbed sleep, once got up can’t get back to sleep.
Before Insomnia is usually seen in old age, but now people of any age may experience Insomnia problem.

Alcohol withdrawal
Day Sleeping
Work schedule
Over eating in night time
Hormonal imbalance

Ayurveda explain lack of sleep as Nidranaasha, due to vitiation of pitta and vata, imbalance in doshas .
Insomnia itself is a health problem, but chronic Insomnia may leads to Anxiety disorder, depression or these problems also may lead to Insomnia.


Difficulty falling asleep.
Disturbed sleep
No feel of relaxed after waking up
Lack of concentration
Tiredness, irritability
Decreased memory

Ayurveda helps to over come Insomnia:
Ayurveda treats the root cause, by balancing the vitiated doshas, diet , physical fitness, mental health, life style, age related issues by strengthening Agni and metabolic activity.
3)Abhyanga, padaabhyanga
4)Brahmi,Shankhapushpi, vacha, Ashwagandha helps to overcome Insomnia by the advice of Ayurvedaacharya.
5) Meditation and pranayama to relieve stress, anxiety and for sound sleep.

Avoid screen time before sleep, irregular sleeping time, sleeping pills, light food in evening .

So sleep is a basic need of an individual, by following healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda helps to balance doshas to lead a swasthya life.

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