Amalaki is the most commonly used medicine
in all the formulations of ayurveda medicines.

Amalaki plays very important role because of its unique action against all the vyaadhis (deseases)and to maintain healthy status of the person.
Amlaki means ‘the sustainer ‘ ( someone who upholds, booster, supporter), as its meaning by name Amalaki or Amla supports in boosting immunity by building body’s natural defense system to fight against the infection.


Scientific name: Phyllanthus emblica
Family: Phyllanthaceae
Use part: Fruit

  • Synonyms:

Amla plant features:
Amalaki is medium sized tree, leaves are small, fine , have pinnate resemblance.
Amla flower is yellowish.

Rasa- Madhura , Amla, Tikta, katu, kashaya except Lavana all rasas are there .
Guna: laghu, ruksha
Virya: sheeta
Vipaka: madhura

Important Formulations:
Chyavanprash, Amalaki Rasayana.

 Therapeutic uses:
Raktapitta(bleeding disorder), Amlapitta(digestive problems), premeha(diabetes)
Chakshushya( good for eyes)

Ellagic acid, amlaic acid, phyllantine, phyllantidine, benzenoid, chebulinic acid.

  • Benefits of Amalaki:
    Because of its anti-inflammatory actions, anti bacterial, anti viral, rejuvenating properties, concentration of anti oxidants, vit c , Amalaki is used to treat and prevent many deseases..
    Balances tridoshas.
    1) Used in loss of appetite, eye disorders, vomitting.
    2) In cough, asthama
    3) Good for heart
    4) Increases immunity and prevent many deseases.
  •  How Amalaki can be used:1) During season eat fresh Amalaki 1 per day in the morning.
    2) Preparing murabba
    3) Cutting Amalaki it to slices and dried under sunlight, can be used
    4) Fresh Amalaki juice
    5) Amalaki coconut chutney.
    So by including Amalaki in our daily diet as per the requirement (dose), natural vit c supplement helps to fight against many viral infection like COVID, viral fever. So in today’s lifestyle it’s a nature gift for us to boost our immnity.

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