Anthraquinone glycosides
Aloin barbaloin
Aloe emodin
Aloetiacid, glucosamine, hexuronic acid, aloesone.
This all helps to skin and to treat skin allergies.

Usefull part: leaves

 Botanical name: Aloevera
Family: Liliacieae
Sanskrit name: Kumari
English name: Indian Aloe
Kumari is a perennial dwarf fleshy leaved plant.
The stem is short and thick
The leaves are sessile, lanceolate shaped, and spiny toothed at the margin.
Flowers are pendulous and have yellow or orange colour .
Fruit is lucculicidal.

 (A natural skin care)
Kumari or Aloevera is the most commonly used medicinal plant for many skin problems, gastritis, pittaja deseases, also grown commonly in everyone’s home.
Kumari means ‘ a beautiful young girl’ , that keep women always youthful , by it’s rejuvenating action and acts as rasayana also.

Kumari means the plant that can survive with little quantity of water and it has cooling effects.

Kumari or Aloevera is a perennial dwarf fleshy leaved plant having many therapeutic actions.

Kumari is one of the most commonly used herb in Ayurveda, also it’s a house hold used medicine for skin.


Guna : laghu, Snigda
Rasa: Madhura(sweet), Tikta( bitter).
Vipaka: katu(pungent)
Veerya: shita (cold)

Medicinal properties:

Shothahara( anti inflammation)
Kushtaghna(treats skin deseases)
Krimighna(worm desease)
Arsoghna(treats piles)
Pittahara(pittaja deseases)
Rasayana, bhramhana, balakaraka, charma rogahara

How we can use aloevera fresh pulp:

1) For glowing skin , one can apply fresh pulp on face daily
2) For skin rashes, mosquito bite, allergy, you can apply fresh pulp.
3) For krimi(worm infestation), juice of the aloe vera pulp is taken with honey , dose depending on age.
4) During summer Aloe vera pulp juice taken with lemon 2 tsp will prevent pittaja deseases, keeps cool

Aloe vera has become one of the main garden member of everyone’s house now a days, so we can make use of its medicinal properties under guidance from our own medicinal garden.

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