Ayurveda for Anxiety A Common Mental Disturbance

We all in today’s world in our busy life, with all the commitments personally, officially, socially, financially go through temporary anxiety feeling.

But due to many conditions in the individuals life, the temporary feeling may continue to cause a major health concern resulting in anxiety problem.

Anxiety disorder is the frequent repeated episode of feeling of fear or worry, too much thinking or nervousness about something with an uncertain outcome.


Few childhood traumatic history.
Environmental factors
Depression, health worrying
Occupational hazard


Symptoms depending upon individual, varies from person to person.
1) some may try to be over confident during attack and may suddenly burst out.
2) Anxious that are difficult to control
3) Restlessness
4) Insomnia
5) Unexplained aches and pain
6) fear of losing control
7)Over thinking
8) Shortness of breath.

Ayurveda plays very important role in treating anxiety and controlling symptoms which if not treated initially may lead to depression.

In Ayurveda Anxiety is called as Chittodvega ( chitta is mind, Udvega is uncontrollable condition that is mind is in uncontrollable condition).

This is due to an imbalance in the vata dosha. So thoughts in the mind move in uncontrollable way.

So Ayurveda treatment is planned to balance the vitiated vata, so Chittodvega can be controlled and treated.

Our ancient system of medicine AYURVEDA, treats according to dosha vitiation:

Nidanaparivarjana( to avoid causative factors)

Panchakarma plays important role:

1) Abhyanga(body massage) relieves stress physically and mentally.

2) Shiroabhyangha

3)Shiro vasti

4) Shirodhara-

5)Shiropichu with ksheerabala taila.

6) Nasya karma

Internal medicine is adviced depending upon patient condition
Kalyanaka ghrit, brahmi, Ashwagandha, etc advised by vaidhyas on individual health issues
Counseling plays an important role in boosting confidence, positive energy.

Yoga and meditation practicing in group interacting with other people will make major difference in patient health.
So Ayurveda not only treats an Anxiety condition, but also with out having any adverse effects on physical and mental health by taking medication and other treatments, helps for general well being and teaches the natural way of life with positive thoughts.

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