Ayurvedic Treatment For Sexual Problems Disorders and Diseases

Every individual feels free to go to the doctor for many diseases. But if it’s the matter of Ayurvedic Treatment For sexual Problems or diseases either in males or females, they step backward and suffer emotionally without proper treatment.

So basic knowledge of Ayurvedic Treatment For Sexual Problems and Disorders should be known and you should feel free to share it with your doctor.

Ayurveda herbs play very important role in balancing the shukra dhatu imbalance, which is the cause of sexual disorders.

What are sexual disorders?
1) Pain disorders:
Pain during intercourse, due to anatomical problems or any other underlying conditions.

2) Desire disorders:
Individuals lack sexual desire or are not interested. It may be due to emotional stress or physical stress.

3) Erectile dysfunction:
Inability to physically arouse or inability to get an erection.

4) Premature ejaculation:
Early ejaculation of semen.

5)vaginal dryness: This may be due to some underlying cause and during menopause.

Ayurveda Treatment for sexual problems

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What are the causes?
An imbalance of tridoshas and Agni causes sexual diseases.

Causes based on

1) Physiological cause:
Hormonal imbalance
Uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension.
Cardiovascular diseases
Physical trauma
Any surgery
Alcohol, Smoking
Intake of antidepressant

Psychological causes:

Relationship fights and problems
Work-related stress
Low confidence in self
Emotional trauma
Too much thinking

What are the symptoms?
Having trouble with getting or keeping an erection.
Problems with relationships.
Lack of sexual desire
Painful intercourse
Mood swings

Symptoms vary from person to person depending upon the cause, many may be struggling with unnoticed symptoms, not sharing with lots of hurdles.

How does Ayurveda help to treat these conditions?
Ayurveda has a special branch for sexual disease treatment that is Vajikarana, this treatment provides strength, potency, and erection problems.

1) Treatment includes administration of Vrishya medicine formulations.
2) Panchakarma treatment reduces vitiated and also treats psychological causes.

Abhyanga, basti, uttara basti, Shirodhara.

3) Rasayana aushadis is given to treat the condition.
4) Nidanaparivarjana treatment, that is to stop causative factors like smoking, alcohol, antidepressant drugs, etc
5) Proper counseling to overcome Anxiety, and depression, and to share the problem.

Ayurveda herbs help to treat:

1) Ashwagandha boosts testosterone, reduces stress, and acts as balya.
2) shilajit treats erectile dysfunction and increases sperm count.
3) Shatavari acts as balya, vrishya.
4) kapikacchu prevents cellular oxidative stress and improves semen quality.
5) Gokshura is a good vrishya( aphrodisiac) herb, treats erectile dysfunction.

Diet plays an important role.

Concentrate on healthy freshly prepared homemade food.
Avoid packed, tinned
Limited coffee tea.
Avoid beverages and alcohol.
Intake of fruits and vegetables.
Nuts intake.
Home remedies

If the problem is severe, share it with your doctor, it’s always the best remedy.

Always have cow ghee in your diet.

1 tsp of Shatavari granules with hot milk 1 cup.
Aloe vera juice intake.

Yoga is a home remedy for all diseases, as well as treatment.

1) Dhanurasana
2) Pashimottanasana
3) uttanasana
4) Bhadda konasana
5) Jaanushirshaasana
So, every problem has a solution, so always get advice from a good doctor. Ayurveda always works to treat route cause by balancing vitiated doshas.

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