Ayurveda Support During Pandemic – Ayurvedic Treatment Coronavirus or Covid – 19

Pandemic the name itself creates confusion, awful memories, tension of health, concern about the family members, work stress, children, elders, all emotions gets distributed at a moment.

Coronavirus, an infectious desease creating fear, anxiety among everyone since last two and half year.

Since last one year, everyone just don’t have time to bother about the variations, busy in their commitments professionally and personally.

But again, the variation of coronavirus with different names started in neighbouring countries.

Country like ours with maximum population, many places where more the seven people live in one single place, have survived the pandemic, this shows that self-immunity matters a lot.

Omishain kit to treat omicron variant

Ayurvedic Sushain Kwath Powder for Immunity Booster

How Ayurveda helps to prevent and Ayurvedic Treatment Coronavirus?

Ayurvedic Treatment Coronavirus

In our country people are having gifted immunity compared to other countries, because of our own an Ayurveda kitchen, where maximum food masala and herbs we use are having medicinal values like turmeric, pepper, coriander seeds, Fenugreek seeds, cumin, ajwain, hing, cardamom, ginger, garlic etc these are all daily part of Indian food recipies.

So maximum people get well soon with normal cold, Seasonal flu, which in western countries face difficulties, because of our traditional way of preparing of food using all these ingredients itself boosts immunity.

But now a day’s things have changed everyone because of their hectic schedule life style work, not concentrate on food

going for outside food, packed food, frozen food.

This definitely playing major role in declining of one’s own immunity.

Awoid junk food

So, Ayurveda always advise to correct the life style and diet. As all the disease symptoms aggregates due to disturbed Agni (digestive system) and tridoshas.

What are the common symptoms of coronavirus and variations?

Blocked or runny nose
Sore throat
Body pain
Loss of appetite
May be may not be associated with
Loss of smell
Digestive system problems like vomitting, diarrhoea.
Some may have complications like difficulty in breathing, continued cough, system complications.

So better to be prepared than becoming panic after the omicron variant starts to spread.

How to make us self-prepare from prevention and management of symptoms without any complications?

1) Have healthy diet, fresh homemade food, with all the flavours, masala, grandmother recipes
2) Eat seasonal fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables.
3) following Dinacharya
4) doing yoga daily
5) self-motivation

What are the home remedies Omicron variant?

Omicron variant or any virus usually affects respiratory system,

So, one should keep respiratory system healthy.

1) Having water boiled with ginger daily or Water boiled with Tulsi daily, builds natural immunity.
2) intake of warm turmeric milk helps to have good sleep to build immunity and prevents cold cough.
3) Intake of fresh giloy khada, by boiling 5 to 8 cm of giloy stem in water with crushes Pippali 1, reducing it to 1/4 th cup, having thrice in a week, helps to prevent viral infections, also if affected symptoms will be mild and recovery will be fast.

home remedies Omicron variant
4) Stay away from stress and anxiety, because anxiety reduces immunity, always staying calm and composed wins the battle, by following above things with confidence definitely can overcome any viral infection.
5) Self and family hygiene, life style changes, homemade food, ayurveda Medication all these always prevents future variations.

Yoga also plays very role to make self physically active, disease free, mentally balancing all the emotions, controls stress and anxiety, boosts immunity.
Daily practice of

1) Surya namaskar
2) Trikonasana
3) Vajrasana
4) Matsyendrasana
5) sarvangasana

Practicing Nadishuddi pranayama

We the team of Sushain always there to help to treat and prevent omicron variant without any complications.

Ayurveda aims to treat the condition without any side effects by boosting physical and mental health of the individual.

Important Ayurvedic herbs and Medicines helps to treat omicron variant and other viral infections are

1) Guduchi
2) Bhumi Amalaki
3) Musta
4) Triphala, Trikatu
5) Amalaki
6) Ayurvedic Medicine for Omishain kit to treat omicron variant and other viral infections.

Omishain Kit Coronavirus & Omicron Infection
7) Ayurvedic Medicine For Sushain Kwath to treat omicron variant, other viral infections and Immunity Booster.


Sushain Kwath


8) Ayurvedic medicine for Viralshain to treat Covid & Omicron other viral infections and Immunity Booster.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Viralshain Infection

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