Daily Routine as Per Ayurveda Or Dinacharya

Dinacharya in Ayurveda

“Din” means day and “Acharya” means to follow, so Dinacharya in Ayurveda guides us to lead a Ayurvedic way of life to protect the health of the healthy one and to treat, and cure the sick one.

By following Dinacharya that is our daily routine in a systematic way, it removes toxins naturally, balances vitiated Doshas and Dhatus.

How we should follow daily routine as per Ayurveda?

Getting up early in the morning in Brahmi muhurta, that is around the time between 4 am to 6am.

To keep self-active and organised for the rest of the day.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain that balances mind and body in a healthy way.

So, melatonin helps to induce sleep during night.

During brahmi muhurta, pineal gland secretes melatonin at the maximum level and waking also help to balance the sleep pattern.


Luke warm intake helps to pass the stools.
Cleanse the throat.

To pass urine and stools.

Without forcing self to pass natural urges.


Dantadavana is the part of the Dinacharya for maintaining oral hygiene to prevent dental related issues.

Dantadavana is to be done with twigs of plants like Nimba, Arjuna. But Nimba twig is the most practically used because of its easy availability.

Twigs used has special features like it should be straight, free from cavity,12 Angula in length, thickness should be like little finger.

If you are using brush use soft brush and can use Triphala churna with cloves powder for oral hygiene.

daily routine as per Ayurveda


Pratimarsha nasya karma is the types nasya can be practiced daily.

First have to give slight massage to face with any oil like coconut oil, olive oil.

Then just put 1 to 2 drops of Anutaila to each drop.

After 1 min just wash face with Luke warm water and rinse mouth with Luke warm water.

By practicing pratimarsha nasya daily can prevent and treat blocked nose, migraine, sinusitis, improved eye sight, insomnia etc.

So pratimarsha nasya is the important part of Dinacharya.



Early morning time is the most precious, rejuvenating and self-boosting time to prepare for rest of the day to keep self-active and organised.

So, Yoga and pranayama is practiced for 30 min followed by Dhyana.

So, this part of Dinacharya gives energy, inner strength, balance body and mind.



Abhyanga relaxes the muscles and gives glow to the skin.

Increases blood circulation and strengthens the muscles, decreases vata.

So, apply normal coconut oil or olive oil or any ayurvedic oil all over body.

Atleast full body Abhyanga twice in a week and other days apply oil on palm sole, hands, legs and on head.



Taking bath in Luke warm water with little neem leaves.

Head bath should be done alternate days with normal temperature water.

9) Bhojana

According to season, place, healthy food should be consumed.


Dinner should be done at around 6 30pm, light food so that can be digested easily.


Dinner and Sleeping time gap should be of minimum 3 hours.

Light food for dinner.

Slow walk for 10 minutes after dinner.

Dhantadavan(brush) before sleeping.

Keep all the electronic gadgets away, outside the bed room.

Paadabhyanga- apply lukewarm coconut oil on both the foot.

Practice Nadi shuddhi pranayama for good sleep.

Go to sleep with positive thoughts for next day

So Dinacharya is leading the life according to Ayurveda, by following daily routine in this manner make life very easy in today’s lifestyle to keep away all the deseases and to build up immunity.

Ayurveda aims to make a strong foundation inside ourself by following these basic tips in a very practical simple way to keep ourselves active, happy and healthy.


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