Ayurvedic Treatment & Tips to stop for Gum Bleeding

ayurveda tips for gum bleeding

Ayurvedic Tips for Gum bleeding is the common health problem each individual may have faced in their daily life.

So, taking care of oral health is very important.

Oral health indicates the health status of the individual.

So, it’s important to take care of gum bleeding, as gum bleeding may be due to external causes also underlying medical conditions.

What causes gum bleeding?

1) vigorous brushing
Brushing teeth with hard brushes
2)Improper flossing technique
3) Infection may be due to gum or tooth related causes
4) underlying medical conditions
5)vitamin C or k deficiency
6)some medications (blood thinners)

What are symptoms?

Swollen gums
Bright red gum
Bleeding gums
Bad breath

What is do’s and don’ts for gum bleeding

Soft brushing
Proper oral hygiene
Salt water gargling
Healthy diet
Brushing after food and before sleep

Sugar intake
Too hot or too cold food

Ayurvedic tips to stop gum bleeding:

1) Have aloevera juice daily, pulp of fresh aloevera cut in to small pieces mixed with water and have daily once in a day.
2) Roots of mimosa pudica, boiled in water till water reduces to 1/4th, taking 30 ml khada helps to treat and cure bleeding gums.
3)Diet plays major role to treat and cure bleeding gums.

So nutritious rich diet food more fruits and vegetables intake.

Vitamin C rich diet like Amalaki, oranges, sweet potatoes, capsicum.

4) Good oral oral hygiene, gargling daily with Triphala water.
5) Application of Yashtimadhu churna helps to reduce pitta, that is to reduce gum swelling.
6) chewing clove also reduces swelling and treats infection.
7)Cold compression also reduces swelling.

Keeping Alovera pulp in freezer and applying on gum reduces bleeding and swelling.

Sheetakari pranayama helps to stop and prevent gum bleeding by reducing vitiated pitta.

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