Diet and Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat in Women

Reduce Belly Fat in Women go through many changes in her journey that as changes in hormonal levels from menarche, puberty, and pregnancy to menopause.

So, these changes cause lower belly fat in many women.

What is Belly Fat in Women?

What Causes Belly Fat?
Poor diet
Lack of exercise
Disturbed sleeping habits
Smoking, alcohol

Reduce Belly Fat in Women

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Diet to Reduce Belly Fat:

Diet plays a very important role in diet to reducing belly fat with proper sleep, yoga, and exercise.

Plan a diet plate with foods rich in plant-based food like fruits, vegetables, and green leafy vegetables.

Whole grains

Nuts are the part of diet to maintain protein and nutrients in the body.

Intake of salads with meals helps to reduce belly fat.

Instead of tea, coffee, have jeera coffee, ginger tea.

The selection of oil for cooking is very important.

Always better to have mustard, coconut, sesame, or olive oil for cooking.

Diet is not to skip meals, but to have a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and nuts at the proper time.

Early dinner and also light dinner help to reduce belly fat, like vegetable soup, and vegetable sabzi with 1 roti.

Low-fat diet, dairy products, salt sugar to be reduced.

Exercises to Reduce Level Loose Belly Fat:

Having a balanced diet with proper exercise reduces belly fat within 2 to 3 months.
1) Daily brisk walking for 30 minutes.
2) Daily 20 minutes of running if no issues of knee pain and leg pain.
3) squats
4) Mountain climbers exercise
5) pushups to build abdominal muscle strength
6) lunges

Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat:

Practicing yoga reduces belly fat and abdomen fat and builds abdominal muscle strength.

1) Surya namaskar practice
2) paadahastaasana
3) Ushtraasana
4) Balasana
5) Naukasana
6) chakrasana
7) Bhujangaasana
8) Halasana
9) Pawanamuktaasana

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Written by Dr Nandini Marappa

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