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Ayurveda is one of the oldest living traditions that have solutions for even today’s most modern lifestyle health issues. Ayurvedic practices have been part of our household for so long that various aspects that it promotes are a part of the Indian lifestyle. But the same idea has also taken away the depth of Ayurveda and reduced it to more of a home remedy neglecting the importance of consulting an Ayurvedic doctor for professional expertise.

In the recent past, Ayurveda is regaining its base as we look out for a holistic form of wellness and so is Ayurvedic doctor consultation. Ayurveda is not just a treatment to cure an illness, it is a way of lifestyle that also keeps your doshas under check. It aims at eradicating the root cause of your uneasiness rather than treating the surface-level symptoms.

Why is an Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation Important?

Ayurveda is a science that takes into consideration your complete lifestyle while understanding your doshas. A professional would start the analysis from your appearance to identify your body type among vata, pitta, or kapha. An Ayurvedic doctor is trained to examine your body to the depth to understand the root cause or the underlying toxin, causing you uneasiness. The eradication of the root cause does not only provide relief that will last longer but also prevent it from recurring. Even in India, Ayurveda has for a long been restricted to certain parts of the nation. Today with the help of advanced technology consulting an Ayurvedic doctor is made convenient by platforms like Sushain Clinic, where you can opt for clinical consultations or video consultations at your convenience.

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What to Expect During an Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation?

Personalized Treatment

As we have already established, Ayurveda is a holistic way of living that looks into the underlying toxicity in your system. This is a process that the Ayurvedic doctor designs personally for each person as per their body type, lifestyle, doshas, and many other factors. The treatment is, in general, a combination of medicines, diet, herbal formulations, and nutrition, that is tailor-made to provide the most effective result.

Side-effects Free Medications

Contrary to allopathic medicines, Ayurvedic medicines are free from side effects. Ayurveda believes in plant-based dietary lifestyle. In Ayurveda, your food is your medicine. Hence it incorporates formulations of plant and herb based medicines that are naturally sourced. The absence of unwanted synthetic medicines keeps it side-effect free.

A Lifestyle Guide

Ayurvedic treatments take into account your diet and sleep pattern as it focuses on improving both for the betterment of overall health. Ayurvedic treatments, in general, are carried out while the body is being subjected to a routine to be followed. Inclusion and exclusion of certain food items, especially those that increase body heat. The herbs are also amazing for your gut health. It strengthens and improves gut health further enhancing the immunity of the whole body.

Ayurvedic doctor consultations are increasing as the understanding of Ayurveda is improving among the masses. Sushain Clinic is a platform that enables you to connect with the best Ayurvedic doctors in the country. We have specialized Ayurvedic doctors to address each of your concerns. You can head over to our website,, for a better understanding.


1. How do Ayurvedic doctors diagnose?
Ayurvedic doctors follow three main diagnostic methods known as inspection, interrogation, and palpitation. These methods of diagnosis are known as trividha pariksha. Apart from this, an in-depth understanding of the patient’s lifestyle and medical history is also done.

2. What is the qualification of an Ayurvedic doctor?
An Ayurvedic doctor has a degree in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery in India. Along with the professional degree, many also takes training under experienced doctors.

3. Can we consult an Ayurvedic doctor online?
Yes, now you can consult an Ayurvedic doctor online. You can head over to Sushain Clinic and book yourself a consultation with experienced and specialized Ayurvedic doctors as per your convenience and requirement.

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