Pippali Nature Gift for Respiratory System Problems

Pippali respiratory system with functions is very important herb used tremendously in many Ayurveda Medication to treat and cure many diseases. Pippali is also called as Indian long pepper with its unique aroma.

Pippali or Piper longum is a slender climber aromatic plant. The leaves are oval and dark green colour. Flowers both male and female on different plants. Fruits are cylindrical in shape. Due to its aroma and medicinal properties, Pippali is also used as spice in the preparation of food like soup, salad.

Pippali treatment for respiratory system with functions can solve problems like cold cough by removing mucus, acts as decongestant, expectorant, bronchodilator. Pippali also acts as Rasayana by boosting and rejuvenation of the lungs and the respiratory system.

Pippali Nature Gift for Respiratory System Problems

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Family: Piperaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Class: Magnolipsida
Order: Piperapes
Genes: Piper
Species: Longum
Different Names:
English name: Indian Long pepper

Sanskrit synonyms:
Chupula, magadi, Dantakapha, kapala, kanamula, chanchala
Hindi: Pipli, Pippali
Kannada: Hipli, Hippali
Tamil: Argadi, kalidi, Tippali
Malayalam: Tippali, Pippali
Guna (properties) of Pippali:
Rasa(taste): katu Pungent
Guna: Laghu, tikshna
Virya: Ushna
Vipaka: Madhura
Parts used: Roots and fruits are for medical purposes and preparation.


Pippali contains alkaloids, betacytosterol, eugenol glycosides, resin, saturated fat, essential oil, terpenoids.

How acts as Aushadha?
1) sheeta prashamana- Reduces kapha, treats cold and cough.
2) kanthya- Good for throat related health problems.
3) Deepaneya- Improve agni, that is digestive fire, treats digestive system related health issues.
4) Kasahara- Treats cough.
5) Shoola prashamana- Useful in abdominal pain and other pain.
6) Hikkanigrahana- Helps to control hiccups.
7) Shirovirechanopaga- Useful in treatment of vitiated dosha from head and neck.
8) Pippali very effective against the Asthma.
9) Improves metabolism by reducing weight, balance sugar in blood.
10) Treats rhinitis, Bronchitis, cold, cough.
11) Helps to relieve stress, treats insomnia.
12) Boosts immunity power of respiratory system.

How Pippali can be used?

1) Pippali coarse power can be used as spice for soup and salads, so it boosts immunity energizes the body by balancing vata and kapha doshas.
2) Pippali powder with honey can be used to treat cold and cough.
3) Pippali powder 1/4 tsp with Guduchi, prepared kada used to treat fever and other viral fevers.
4) Pippali is used as Pippali vardhaman rasayan to boost immunity and to keep respiratory system strong against all the vyaadhis.

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