Ayurvedic Treatment for Male Infertility: Causes & Solutions

Male infertility is the infertility problem caused due to fertility health issues in the male partner. So, in many cases diagnosis takes time due to lack of knowledge about the problem what individual is facing, social reasons, so it’s very important when couple is going through difficulty in having baby for more than one year, both the partners need to be evaluated to rule out the cause. One can take Ayurvedic Treatment for Male infertility.

What are the causes of male infertility?

Exposure to environmental toxin factors like lead, calcium, mercury and pesticides results in abnormalities in sperm.

Genetics factors

• Age
• Obesity
• Steroid over usage
• Varicocele
• Testicular injury
• Undescended testis
• Exposure to very high temperature
• Life style factors
• Azoospermia and oligospermia

Ayurveda Treatment for Male infertility

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What are the symptoms of male infertility?

Symptoms varies from individual to individual depending upon the cause-

• Decreased facial or body hair due to hormonal abnormalities
• Pain, swelling or a lump in testicle area
• Abnormal sperms morphology or lower count
• Problems with sexual function like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.
• How can be detected for male infertility?
• Routine blood investigation to rule out underlying medical conditions
• Semen Analysis is the basic test to analyse the male infertility condition.
• Semen analysis shows sperm count
• motility
• morphology
• Viscosity

Ayurveda explained male infertility as “Vandhyatwa”, caused due to bheeja dosha, vitiated vata affect shukra dosha causes male infertility.

Vandhyatwa is caused due to shukra dosha, viruddhaarahara, Ativyaayama, Vihaara and mano vikara.

Ayurveda treatment for male infertility:

Ayurvedic Treatment for male infertility can be taken as Ayurveda is having the special branch to treat and improve the male fertility that is Vajikarana. Vajikarana Promotes the sexual capacity and resolve the health condition by improving physical and psychological health of the individual with a positive result. Vajikarana Therapy make changes in the diet lifestyle and herbal medications to treat male infertility by improving fertility. Vajikarana is planned after Panchakarma. Panchakarma is planned according to the dosha, prakruti, bala of the individual.

Ayurveda herbs to increase male fertility:

• Shilajeet: Acts as vajikarana by Improving blood circulation, metabolism and strength by preventing fatigue, Impotency according to the age.
• Ashwagandha: Increases Longevity by strengthening the reproductive muscles, boosts libido, treats erectile dysfunction like condition and male infertility.

Nutmeg or jaiphal stimulates nerves, improve blood circulation.

Gokshura improves sperm count, balance testosterone, improves blood circulation treats erection issues.

Acts as aphrodisiac by improving blood circulation, stimulating nerves, strength to muscles and maintain reproductive health.

Safed musli
It is an aphrodisiac, it helps to prevent the formation of abnormal sperms in sperm morphology. Improve quality of sperms.

Diet to increase fertility:

Eating diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables specially vitamin c rich diet improves overall physical and mental health.

Always have carrot, beetroot, spinach and whole grains for the overall sexual health issues of male specially infertility like condition.

Milk and cow ghee acts as Rasayana and balya to improve fertility and balance healthy condition of both body and mind.

Role of yoga in the treatment of male infertility:

Yoga plays important role in the management of male infertility and other sexual health issues.

Yoga improves blood circulation to pelvic muscles, builds muscular strength, treats and prevent infertility and other sexual health issues.

Asanas can be practiced are

Kapalbhati and Anuloma viloma pranayama.

Helps to relax stress, anxiety, build stamina physically, emotionally and mentally.

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