Ayurveda Treatment for Eczema

Eczema is one of the common skin diseases that causes dryness, itching, and inflammation of the skin. Eczema also called Atopic dermatitis can occur at any age, also common in young children. Eczema is a long-lasting skin problem, it is not contagious with itching and dryness. The solution for this is a Permanent Cure for Eczema in Ayurveda.

What are the causes of eczema?

Environmental factors like cold or dry weather.
• House dust, and pollens.
• Food allergens like dairy products – milk, curd,
• Paneer, egg, nuts
• Skin contact cloths like wool, rough cloth
• Inhaled allergens
• Hormonal changes
• Stress

What are the symptoms of eczema?

Symptoms of eczema may also be prone to hay fever, Asthma, and allergies in some individuals.

Common symptoms are-
• Dryness of skin
• Itching
• Inflammation
• Thick leathery patches
• Flaky and scaly skin
• Bumps on the skin

Ayurveda treatment for Eczema

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Symptoms can be seen on hands, neck, elbows, ankle, knees, feet, face. Ayurveda Eczema is called as the ” Vicharchika”, one of the Raktapradoshahaja vikara, due to an imbalance of tridoshas specially kapha dosha. As Ayurveda is the best line of treatment for many skin diseases, so Ayurvedic Treatment for Eczema can be taken with the ray of hope for patient to treat and cure the condition by balancing vitiated doshas.

Ayurveda treatment for Eczema:

Ayurveda treatment for Eczema is planned as per the bala of the patient to remove vitiated dosha by Shodhana karma by doing kosha shuddhi. Snehana, swedana followed by
• Vamana
• Virechana
• Raktamokshana
• Lepana with medicated oil
• Avachurana dusting of medicated churn
• Parisheka
• Shamanoushadis (internal medication)
• Pathaya and Apathya (Do’s and Don’ts)

So, Ayurveda treatment for Eczema is planned depending upon the severity and chronic stage.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Do’s (Pathya to be followed)
• Intake of fruits and vegetables to balance vitamin and mineral in body to remove toxins
• Light food
• Green gram, barley, Shashtika shali (type of rice)
• Bitter vegetables
• Weight management
• Yoga and pranayam

Don’ts (Apathya to be avoided)
• Sour, salty, sugar
• Milk products
• Meat
• Smoking, alcohol
• Heavy food
• Horse gram,black gram, spicy fried food
• Day sleeping
• Overeating

Ayurveda herbs used to treat Eczema ( Vicharchika )
• Karanja
• Haridra
• Kutaja
• Manjishta
• Nimba
• Khadira
• Guduchi
• Vasaka
• Chakramarda
• Kumari

These Ayurveda herbs are having tikta rasa, it purifies blood (rakta), removes toxins balances vitiated kapaha and pitta by reducing itching and dryness. So, it’s always important to keep skin moisturized with Ayurveda oil or ointment, cream to reduce drying that prevents itching and scaly formation of skin.

Role of yoga in Eczema:

Ayurveda treatment for Eczema involves treatment to cause, so to reduce the severity and its recurrence. Specially in skin diseases due to its visibility causes big social stigma on patient mental status resulting in stress, that causes increased symptoms. So, yoga helps to balance vitiated doshas, by blood flow and reducing stress, increases immunity power and reduces the effect of triggering factors adverse effects.

Asanas and pranayam can be practiced are
• Vajrasana
• Padmasana
• Bhujangaasana
• Naukasana
• Matsyasana
• Shavasana
• Anuloma viloma pranayama
• Meditation

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