Natural Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are the allergic reactions that occur on the skin when the skin comes into contact with a particular substance that causes a reaction to a few individuals, known as an allergen. Common skin allergies include certain metals, cosmetics, fragrances, and fabrics. To get rid of this, one should take skin allergy treatment.

Symptoms of a skin allergy may include:
• Rash or hives.
• Itching.
• Redness or inflammation.
• Dry, scaly, or flaky skin.
• Swelling.

To prevent skin allergies, it is important to avoid contact with known allergens whenever possible. This may involve reading labels carefully, avoiding certain products or fabrics, and taking other steps to minimize exposure. If you experience a severe or persistent skin allergy, it is important to seek the best skin allergy ayurvedic medicine.

Skin allergy is the common reaction of the body to any foreign substance that is not adjustable to the individual body. Allergy is a common problem that every person in their daily life, as it is the reaction to a foreign substance may be by inhalation by skin contact or through food. Allergy is the immune system’s reaction to foreign substances like pollen, animal dander, latex, food substances, or insect bites which can be treated by having skin allergy treatment & ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy.

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What are the causes of skin Allergy?
• Direct skin contact with allergens may be pollen grain, insect bite, or pet hairs.
• Intake of nuts.
• Few cosmetics usage.
• Exposure to chemical substances.
• Some are sensitive to milk and milk products, nuts, few leafy vegetables resulting in skin rashes or allergies.
• Milk and milk products allergy also includes hives, wheezing, itching, and swelling of lips.

So skin allergy Ayurvedic always explains one line of skin allergy treatment which is Nidanaparivarjana – to avoid nidana(causative factors) to be healthy.

Identification of causative factors is very important to avoid reaction to the allergy. The aim of Ayurveda is to treat skin allergy treatment from the root cause and cleanse the system to minimize the adverse effects of foreign substances by taking skin allergy ayurvedic medicine.

Mild allergic symptoms like slight Itching, and skin rashes can be easily treated –

1) Haridra + water + pinch of pepper is boiled; a daily intake of 1 cup will reduce symptoms and develop immunity for skin allergies.
2) Applying fresh aloe vera pulp on rashes also reduces itching.
3) Having a healthy diet also builds immunity.
4) Nidanaparivarjana, avoiding food substances, exposure, and contact with allergens that are harmful also very important to prevent severe reactions.
5) Panchakarma plays a very important role in treating and building immunity for skin allergies.

Depending upon the dosha, Panchakarma is planned.
• Vamana
• Virechana
• Basti
• Nasya
• Raktamokshana

Allergy is caused mainly due to an imbalance in the tridosha (Vata, pitta, kapha). So main aim is to keep doshas in the balanced state by following dinacharya, ritucharya, following panchakarma. These all help to remove toxins, and allergens and to build immunity by reducing severity. Not all the person exposed to dust will develop skin allergy or hives only a few will develop. So, by following the Ayurveda way of life, diet, and medication definitely can overcome mild symptoms.

Ayurveda herbs for skin allergy:
• Aloe vera
• Amalaki
• Haridra
• Bhunimba
• Guduchi
• Kiratatikta
• Nagakesara

Role of yoga to build immunity against allergens:

By practicing yoga daily as a part of the individual routine, builds immunity to fight against the allergens causing skin allergy, and relaxes the body, and mind.
• Uttanasana
• Bhujangaasana
• Viparita karani
• Pavanmuktasaan
• Padmasana
• Naukasana
• Anuloma viloma pranayama

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