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Dr. Ruchi Gulati

MD (Ayurveda) | 26 YRS. EXP.
Skin, Arthritis, Piles, Digestive and Gastro Problems, Liver related diseases, General Medicine Skin, Arthritis, Piles, Digestive and Gastro Problems, Liver related diseases, General Medicine
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Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Doctor's Intro

Dr. Ruchi Gulati, the experience of almost a decade of pure Ayurvedic practice after MD ( Ayurveda) from prestigious Rajasthan University and B.A.M.S. from North India's one of the best Ayurvedic college & hospital, Tibbia College-Delhi University. Running multiple ayurveda panchakarma centers in Delhi NCR (Noida-East Delhi-West Delhi), the main focus is serving each person who comes in our contact through Rejuvenation, lifestyle advice and curing chronic diseases. Providing corporate services to organizations like BHEL, Reliance Energy for Destressing, work-life balance, productivity, graceful aging etc. Worked for Govt. of India for over 7 years. Worked for a project for prevention of nonoriginal patents being granted in the area of Indian system of medicine ( Ayurveda). This is also known as TKDL. Also contributed towards standardization of medicines for Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India. Giving serenity about the upcoming ayurvedic medicine market and their products Pilote


MD (Ayurveda) | 26 YRS. EXP.

Dr. Ruchi Gulati has successfully treated many complicated cases of Liver Cirrhosis , PCOD
Patient's Review
Swati Agrawal
Highly Recommended
I reached out to Dr Ruchi Gulati for my terrible acidity problem. I tried allopathic treatment of every kind but nothing worked. I lost 30 pounds in a span of 6 months. Dr Ruchi Gulati suggested me some lifestyle changes and some ayurvedic medication and i was in much better condition within a month. By the end of month 3 , i was perfectly fine and never had this problem again. i am so happy i decided to go for Ayurvedic treatment and Dr Ruchi Gulati. I will be happy to be recommend Dr Ruchi Gulati to anyone who is having any long term health issues and allopathic medicine is not helping them.

Ankit Verma
Excellent Ayurvedic Doctor
Thank you Dr Gulati for not only helping us over come difficult diseases every time we reached you but also helping us to understand how to balance life and be healthy. Ayurveda and Ayurvedic knowledge based Wellness is the Only solution in the life style disorders we are all experiencing - Mental or Physical. We are very happy that we could reach you when we were looking for a good Doctor to help us find solutions to medical situations we were experiencing and were troubled to not being able to trust if we were doing enough or right treatment. I would request everyone to reach Dr Gulati for any Physical and Mental issues you or anyone in your family is experiencing. I am sure you will thank us for suggesting you that. She is an institution of knowledge and experience. Once again thank you Dr Ruchi Gulati and anyone reading this, you will be benefited in more then one way if you will reach out to her."

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Dr. Ruchi Gulati

MD (Ayurveda) | 26 YRS. EXP.

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