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Dr Pallvi Rathee

MS (Ayurveda) | 12 YRS. EXP.
Gynae and Fertility, Garbhsanskar, PCOD and UT Fibroid, Pre Conception Care Gynae and Fertility, Garbhsanskar, PCOD and UT Fibroid, Pre Conception Care
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INR 400 /-
Rohtak, Haryana
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Doctor's Intro

Dr Pallvi is an experienced Ayurvedic Stree & Prasuti (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) specialist with over a decade of experience. She has completed a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MS, and a diploma in the course on Panchakarma, infertility. Currently, she practices at Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic College, Prakash Memorial Hospital, Rohtak and visits Bhusari & Sons, Paharganj, New Delhi (on a monthly basis). As an Ayurvedic infertility specialist, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience dealing with infertile couples and works with empathy to achieve a successful outcome Among the main characteristics of Dr Pallvi's treatments are – • Personalized dietary, sleep, and exercise recommendations • Natural therapeutic modules, yoga postures • Affordably priced with no hidden charges. Authentic Ayurvedic treatment for the following disorders is available • Fallopian tube blockage • Hydrosalpinx • Polycystic ovarian synd


MS (Ayurveda) | 12 YRS. EXP.

Dr Pallvi Rathee has successfully treated many complicated cases of Fibroid , PCOD , infertility
Patient's Review
Suman Sahu
Good Consultation

Suman Sahu
I am getting big improvement
Good Consultation and treatment

Yeti Singh
i got relief
I consulted many doctors for my PCOD problem before reaching Dr Pallvi, She is an excellent listener and she explains very well. After 2 months of her treatment, i am observing a never before improvement.

manju kumari
best doctor for pcod
my cycles were irregular, hairs on body and body weight was bothering too much. I can just give by review by tanking Dr Pallvi...

lata gupta
Thank You Dr Rathee
sushain is very easy to use platform and doctor Pallvi is very good. she listened very patiently . very knowledgable doctor and treated my PCOS very well....

Very effective treatment by Dr pallvi
i want to recommend Dr pallvi for PCOD issues. Her approach is natural and she make the whole treatment process so easy and confirtable.

very satisfied
got relief @100%

Aparna R
A1 doctor, A1 portal
Thanks Dr PaLLVI for treatment and counselling

very satisfied

getting relief
getting relief in my long lasting issues

Neha Tripathi
good doctor and good platform

Ayesha Khan
very satisfied
I was suffering from irregular periods, acute constipation since last 3 years. i saw sushain clinic on google and booked appointment of Dr pallvi. Dr pallvi is very detailed oriented doctor, her treatment was perfect. I am seeing big improvement.

C Jaya
satisfactory treatment
got good relief in PCOD

Durga Devi

Shravani swami
Good Consultation

Success Story

Recurrent IVF failure, Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Services Offered
Garbh Sanskar Infirtility Panchkarma
Special Diets
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Dr Pallvi Rathee

MS (Ayurveda) | 12 YRS. EXP.

INR 400 /-