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Kaishor Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Kaishor Guggul by Dhootpapeshw

Kaishor Guggul is the Guggulkalpa famous for Raktagata Doshapachan & Vatahar action due to Amrut

Stop IBS   30 Tablet
4 ★
Stop IBS 30 Tablet

Relief in Irritable bowel syndrome

Manasmithra Vati 50 Tab Nagarjuna
4 ★
Manasmithra Vati 50 Tab Nagarj

Manasamitra Gulika can help you calm your mind and get rid of negative fixations. You can also take

USD 15
Saraswatarishta  450 ml DP
4 ★
Saraswatarishta 450 ml DP

Saraswatarishta is an ayurvedic juice that is a nerve tonic and improves overall well-being depressi

Lakshadi Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Lakshadi Guggul by Dhootpapesh

The powerful combination of ingredients like ‘Laksha’ along with ‘Guggul’ wi

Mahayogaraj Guggul by Dhotpapeshwar
4 ★
Mahayogaraj Guggul by Dhotpape

The Guggulkalpa with the combination of various Bhasmas acting on all types of Jeerna Vatavyadhis. I

USD 14
Panchamrut Loha Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Panchamrut Loha Guggul by Dhoo

Panchamrut Loha Guggul Strengthen nerves and organs Useful in Manya Kasherukagata Vata (cervical

USD 13
Panchatikta Ghrut Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Panchatikta Ghrut Guggul by Dh

Dhootapapeshwar Panchatikta Ghruta Guggul is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the tr


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