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Ayurvedic Medicines for bones & joints

Lakshadi Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Lakshadi Guggul By Dhootpapesh

Lakshadi Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar is the powerful combination of ingredients like ‘Laksha&rsqu

INR 170
Mahayogaraj Guggul by Dhotpapeshwar
4 ★
Mahayogaraj Guggul By Dhotpape

Mahayogaraj Guggul by Dhotpapeshwar  with the combination of various Bhasmas acting on all type

INR 527
Panchamrut Loha Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Panchamrut Loha Guggul By Dhoo

Panchamrut Loha Guggul strengthen nerves and organs and is useful in Manya Kasherukagata Vata (cervi

INR 510
Saptvimshatika Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Saptvimshatika Guggul By Dhoot

Dhootapapeshwar Saptavimshatika Guggul Tablet is a blend of various herbal ingredients that ben

INR 208
Sinahanad Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Sinahanad Guggul By Dhootpapes

The drug of choice in Amavata is Sinhanad Guggul with one of the ingredient ‘Eranda Taila&rsqu

INR 150
Pravala Bhasmam Capsules  by kottakkal
4 ★
Pravala Bhasmam Capsules By K

Pravala Bhasmam Capsules by kottakkal is used for the treatment of eye disorders, pthisis, chronic r

INR 605
Trayodashang Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Trayodashang Guggul By Dhootpa

Dhootapapeshwar Trayodashang Guggul is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatmen

INR 152
Vatari Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Vatari Guggul By Dhootpapeshwa

Dhootapapeshwar Vatari Gugglu Tablet is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that helps in strengthening joint

INR 105
Yogaraj Guggul by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Yogaraj Guggul By Dhootpapeshw

Dhootapapeshwar Yogaraj Guggul is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of

INR 134
Maharasnadi Kadha by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Maharasnadi Kadha By Dhootapap

Maharasnadi Kadha helps in treating bone and joint problems.

INR 200
Rasnasaptak Kadha by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Rasnasaptak Kadha By Dhootapap

Rasnasaptak Kadha is useful for enhancing musculoskeletal machine function.

INR 200
Ashvagandharishta by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Ashvagandharishta By Dhootapap

Ashvagandharishta helps in promoting strength and vitality by alleviating physical and mental weakne

INR 220
Balarishta by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Balarishta By Dhootapapeshwar

Balarishta by Dhootapapeshwar is an Ayurvedic medicine that improves the function of the brain, nerv

INR 200
Rasaraj Rasa Suvarnakalpa by Dhootpapeshwar
4 ★
Rasaraj Rasa Suvarnakalpa By D

Rasaraj rasa suvarnakalpa by dhootapapeshwar is used in the treatment of neuro- muscular conditions

INR 1330
Rasaraj Rasa Suvarnakalpa Standard Quality by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Rasaraj Rasa Suvarnakalpa Stan

Rasaraj Rasa Suvarnakalpa Standard Quality by Dhootapapeshwar is an ayurvedic medicine that is prima

INR 745
Nimbamruthadi Erandam Soft Gel Capsules
4 ★
Nimbamruthadi Erandam Soft Gel

Nimbamruthadi Erandam Soft Gel Capsules are specially formulated to provide relief from inflammatory

INR 850
Vatavidhwansa Rasa Rasakalpa by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Vatavidhwansa Rasa Rasakalpa B

Vatavidhwansa Rasa Rasakalpa is an Ayurvedic formulation that consists of herbo-mineral propert

INR 100
Amavatari Rasa by Dhootapapehswar
4 ★
Amavatari Rasa By Dhootapapehs

Amavatari Rasa by Dhootapapehswar is an ayurvedic formulation with powerful properties that is used

INR 130
Gandmala Kandan Rasa by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Gandmala Kandan Rasa By Dhoota

Gandmala Kandan Rasa by Dhootapapeshwar is an ayurvedic medicine that is effective in the treat

INR 133
Loha Bhasma by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Loha Bhasma By Dhootapapeshwar

Loha Bhasma is formulated to help in the treatment of iron deficiency and Anemia. 

INR 57
Naga Bhasma by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Naga Bhasma By Dhootapapeshwar

Indicated frequent urination, spleen enlargement, impotence, diabetes mellitus, leucorrhoea, urinary

INR 133
Chropaxe Tablet by Charak
4 ★
Chropaxe Tablet By Charak

Charak Chropaxe Tablet is a herbal solution for reducing distress and discomfort due to chronic

INR 259
Evanova Capsule by Charak
4 ★
Evanova Capsule By Charak

Evanova Capsule is a safe and effective formulation that provides maximum relief from the multi

INR 160
 Shunthi Churna by Tansukh
4 ★
Shunthi Churna By Tansukh

Tansukh Shunthi Churna is an ayurvedic and natural medicine used for the effective treatment of

INR 145

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