digestive Medicines

Aragvadha Avleh by NMP
4 ★
Aragvadha Avleh by NMP

Mild laxative, Mouth sour, Burning acidity, Headache

USD 190
Ujala 100 Tablet  Eye Tonic by Vyas
4 ★
Ujala 100 Tablet Eye Tonic by

Eye Health

USD 215
Amruthotharam Kashayam 200 ml by Vaidyaratnam
4 ★
Amruthotharam Kashayam 200 ml

Helps in improving Respiratory System

USD 115
Pippalyadi Anuvasana Thailam 200ml by Vaidyaratnam
4 ★
Pippalyadi Anuvasana Thailam 2

For vasthi in piles, constipation, backache, difficulty for micturition, hernia etc

USD 155
Kalyanagulam Leham 200gm by Kottakkal
4 ★
Kalyanagulam Leham 200gm by Ko


USD 85
SHATPALAM GHRUTHAM 150g by vaidyaratanam
4 ★

Gas trouble, flatulence, constipation and colic pain

USD 130
Swamala 500 Gram by Dhootapapeshwar
4 ★
Swamala 500 Gram by Dhootapape

Skin care, Immunity, Vitamin C

USD 723
Dhanvantaram Kashayam 200ml by Kottakkal
4 ★
Dhanvantaram Kashayam 200ml by

Effective against vata diseases,  arthritis, fever and indigestion, nervous disord

USD 310

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