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Ayurvedic Medicines for neuro

Intellec Tablets
4.2 ★
Intellec Tablets Millennium Herbal

Intellec Tablets : A Distinctive Ayurvedic Formulation

INR 195
Ujala 100 Tablet  Eye Tonic by Vyas
4.4 ★
Ujala 100 Tablet Eye Tonic By Vyas

Ujala 100 Tablet Eye Tonic by Vyas: Ayurvedic eye tonic promoting eye health, formulated with natura

INR 235
Varavisaladi Kashayam Kottakkal
4.3 ★
Varavisaladi Kashayam Kottakka kottakkal

Varavisaladi Kashayam Kottakkal: Ayurvedic decoction for respiratory health and immune support.

INR 220
Patanjali Nutrela Omega 3 6 7 9
4.4 ★
Patanjali Nutrela Omega 3 6 7 Patanjali Divya

Patanjali Nutrela Organic Omega is a kind of formulation containing omega 3, omega 6, omega 7, and o

INR 550
Arjin Tablets Bottle of  100 Tablet
4.6 ★
Arjin Tablets Bottle Of 100 T ALARSIN

Arjin Tablets Alarsin : A Distinctive Ayurvedic Formulation  

INR 193
Sarpagandha Ghan Vati By By Hempstreet
4.3 ★
Sarpagandha Ghan Vati By By He Hemp Street

Sarpagandha Ghan Vati By By Hempstreet  is a classical Ayurveda formulation with the key i

INR 225
Mentat Tablet
4.3 ★
Mentat Tablet Himalaya

Mentat Tablet Himalaya : A Distinctive Ayurvedic Formulation

INR 170
Kaseesa Bhasma by Dhootapapeshwar
4.4 ★
Kaseesa Bhasma By Dhootapapesh Dhootpapeshwar

Kaseesa Bhasma by Dhootapapeshwar: Supports respiratory health and overall well-being.

INR 87
Darvyadi Anjanam by Sreedarshana
4.6 ★
Darvyadi Anjanam By Sreedarsha Sreedarshna

Eye inflammation,conjunctivitis and eye redness.

INR 190
Medhasagar Ras Dhootapapeshwar
4.3 ★
Medhasagar Ras Dhootapapeshwar Dhootpapeshwar

Dhootapapeshwar Medhasagar Ras is an ayurvedic medicine for healthy brain functions. Prepared from p

INR 2115
Vacha churna Vyas
4.5 ★
Vacha Churna Vyas Vyas

Vacha churna is known to manage speech disorders due to its Vata balancing and Medhaya actions.

INR 90
Dhanadanayanadi Kashayam
4.3 ★
Dhanadanayanadi Kashayam kottakkal

Dhanadanayanadi Kashayam: Ayurvedic decoction for promoting joint and muscle health.

INR 160
Amarsundari Vati by Dhootapapeshwar
4.6 ★
Amarsundari Vati By Dhootapape Dhootpapeshwar

Amarsundari Vati by Dhootapapeshwar: Ayurvedic tablets supporting digestive health and appetite, mad

INR 105
Bipha Mry Plus Capsules Bottle of  60 Tablet
4.3 ★
Bipha Mry Plus Capsules Bottle Bipha Ayurveda

MRY Plus formulations are herbal tablets that effectively resolve health conditions related to arthr

INR 450
4.6 ★
Devadaru Bilwadi Kashayam Sreedarshna

Devadaru Bilwadi Kashayam

INR 260
4.3 ★
Acidum Phosphoricum Bottle Of Bhargava Phyto lab

Acidum Phosphoricum Mother Tincture is a highly beneficial homoeopathic tincture which is used to tr

INR 121
Bipha Shaddharanam Tablets Bottle of  90 Tablet
4.3 ★
Bipha Shaddharanam Tablets Bot Bipha Ayurveda

This herbal formulation is effective for digestive wellness and inflammatory disorders. Shaddharanam

INR 270
O Graine Tablet Strip of  100 Tablet
4 ★
O Graine Tablet Strip Of 100 SKM SIDDHA & AYU

O Graine Tablet By SKM : A Distinctive Ayurvedic Formulation.  

INR 300
Brain Tab Bottle of  50 Tablet
4.6 ★
Brain Tab Bottle Of 50 Tablet Baidhyanath

Brain Tab Tablet is an ayurvedic medicine in tablet form, used in the treatment of depress

INR 255
4.3 ★
Saraswata Ghritam Bottle Of 1 kottakkal

INDICATIONS: Delayed speech, learning disabilities-improves cognitive skills.

INR 165
Raasnaadi Choornam by Nagarjuna
4.5 ★
Raasnaadi Choornam By Nagarjun Nagarjuna

Raasnaadi Choornam by Nagarjuna: Ayurvedic herbal powder for supporting musculoskeletal health and j

INR 60
Amruth Jeevan Rasayan Avaleha and Tablet Kits of  1 QTY
4.5 ★
Amruth Jeevan Rasayan Avaleha Nagarjuna

 Amruth Jeevan Rasayan & Tablet (Dual Pack 600 gm Paste & 60 Tablet) contains

INR 1400
Ginkgo Biloba 1X Bottle of 25 GM
4.5 ★
Ginkgo Biloba 1x Bottle Of 25 SBL

Memory is a fundamental cognitive process that plays a crucial role in human behavior, learning, and

INR 300
Sunidra Tablet
4.4 ★
Sunidra Tablet Baidhyanath

Sunidra Tablet : A Distinctive Ayurvedic Formulation

INR 145

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