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 Diaboshain Tablet 550 mg
 Diaboshain Tablet 550 mg
 Diaboshain Tablet 550 mg

Diaboshain Tablet 550 Mg


Diaboshain Tablet 550 Mg : A Distinctive Ayurvedic Formulation

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Diaboshain Tablet 550 Mg is a Ayurvedic Product, reported safe to consume and may be taken on the advice of a certified Ayurvedic consultant

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 Diaboshain Tablet 550 mg

Diaboshain Tablet 550 Mg

INR 215 /-

Direction of Use

As directed by your Healthcare Professional

Amalaki Ghana Emblica officinale 100 mg
Belpatra Ghana Aegle marmelos 25 mg
Bivala Ghana Pterocarpus marsupium 75 mg
Gudmar Ghana Gymnema sylvestre 50 mg
Guduchi Ghana Tinospora cordifolia 100 mg
Haldee Ghana Curcuma longa 25 mg
Jambubeej Ghana Syzygium cumini 25 mg
Karela Ghana Momordica charantia 25 mg
Mamejawa Ghana Enicostemma littorale blume 75 mg
Trikatu powder Generic preparation 500 mg
Bhavna Dravya :
Kumari Swaras Aloe barbadensis
Vat (Bark, Kadha) Ficus bengalensis
Oudumber (Root, Kadha) Ficus glomerata
Excipient QS
Coating: Polyvinyl Alcohol (Clear Coat)

Ans.) Diaboshain is an effective natural medicine for controlling blood sugar levels. 

Ans.) Symtpms are :

1. Excessive Thirst

2. Excessive and Frequent Urination

3. Fatigue

4. Weight Loss

5. Blurred Vision


Ans.) Major herbs are:

Jambu, Karela
• Helps reduce blood sugar levels and acts as an Anti-oxidant.
•Used as a Rejuvenator and Antioxidant.
•Helps to improve eyesight.
• Acts as a Rejuvenator.
Gudmar, Mamejawa
• Shows anti-oxidant, anti-lipidemic & Hypoglycemic properties.

Customer Rating
Feb 17, 2022
Good Medicine
I was on allopathic medicine and took ayurvedic consultation. I was prescribed Diaboshain tablet. Results are satisfactory. I am still using.

Feb 17, 2022
Highly satisfied with the results

Sep 26, 2022
very good product
very good

Doctor's Review
Dr. Rajesh Singh
i have prescribed Diaboshain tablet to few patients and i found it effective in the treatment of Diabetes. Diaboshain having ingredients like Giudmar, Gudichi, Amalki, Trikutu and Jambubeej, which are known for treating diabetes. The combination and ratio look right and thats why results are motivating.
Jan 21, 2022

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