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Women Wellness Menstrual Cramp and Bloating

Women Wellness Menstrual Cramp And Bloating

Women Wellness, is an Ayurvedic formulation that combines the therapeutic attributes of 6 powerful herbs mentioned in the ancient texts. It is mainly for reducing cramp pain caused by periods, and helps control menopause symptoms namely hot flashes. It also reduces inflammation and overall body pain. The composition aids in the management of mood swings like irritability, anger, sexual functions & hormonal changes by stabilizing the hormones and helping in smooth functioning of the body by aroma , applying under nose. It deals with acne and pain by applying on affected area. 

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Product Highlights

Women wellness depends on the characteristics of well-being that exist solely in context to the women population. Wellness consists of emotional, emotional & physical aspects and disruptions that alter the quality of life for a woman. For example, these aspects can range from  reproductive, hormonal   & gastrointestinal health issues to  Bone health and urinary incontinence. 

Six Dimensions of Women Wellness: Emotional, Physical, social, spiritual, occupational, & intellectual.

Symptoms: Hot flashes, Nausea, Pain, Mood swings, Dizziness, Sleep issues, Discomfort, Indigestion.

Key Benifits:

  • Aids in Hormonal Imbalance
  • For Menstrual Pain & Acne
  • Manages Mood swings
  • Helps with menopause symptoms
  • Decrease overall body pain (lower back, joint)
  • Helps with symptoms related tp PCOS/PCOD
  • Enhance Sexual funtion

Key Ingredients: Vijaya Leaf Extract, MCT Coconut Oil, Fennel Oil, Shatavari, Eucalyptus Oil, Chamomile Oil.

Safety Precautions:

  • This medicine contains vijaya  and other ayurvedic herbs. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, DO NOT apply this drug without prescription.
  • May increase the heart rate or cause high Blood Pressure 
  • Kindly consult your doctor before taking this drug during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • Keep away from Children.

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Women Wellness Menstrual Cramp and Bloating

Women Wellness Menstrual Cramp And Bloating

INR 999 /-

Direction of Use

Apply 3 to 5 Drops and massage it on the affected area. Incase of roll ons , just cover the area of the pain or as directed by the doctor.

Medical Advice: Consult ayurvedic doctor online for right advice.

Scale to Measure:

Every 1ml of Vijaya Leaf Extract in the product equals to 1000mg
So, 10% Vijaya Leaf Extract in 15ml (1.5ml) will be 1500mg and in 30ml (3ml) will be 3000mg
Note: 30ml comes in 2 bottles of 15ml each and as follows for easy use.

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