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Raktashodhak Syrup

Raktashodhak Syrup

Raktashodhak is an ayurvedic medicine to treat skin diseases, it's natural herbal ingredients purify the blood, removes toxins and improves immunity.  

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Product Highlights

Raktashodhak Syrup has anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties and promotes skin healing. Daily use of Raktashodhak Syrup helps in blood detoxification and to treat skin problems. Benefit: Acts against various skin disorders due to blood impurities.

Key Benefits:

  • Most of the skin diseases like skin infections, urticaria and pimples are treated
  • Helps to treat sorts of skin diseases and weakness resulting from allergies, itching is caused by poor immunity and toxins in the body
  • Raktashodhak has many herbs which are mentioned in ayurveda to remove toxins and improve immunity

Key Ingredients:

  • Anantmool, Nagarmotha, Lodhra chaal, Butchaal, Pippalchaal, Kachnoor Padam Kashtha, Sugandh Bala, Patha, Giloy, Safed Chandan, Raktchandan, Khus, Kutki, Kuth, Sennai, Haritaki, Amla, Anantool.

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Raktashodhak Syrup

Raktashodhak Syrup

INR 135 /-

Direction of Use

Use as directed by the physician.

Medical Advice: Consult ayurvedic doctor online for right advice.

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