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Boniheal Suspension

Boniheal Suspension

Aimil Ayurvedic Boniheal Syrup is a complete Phyto-mineral bone therapy for fractured bones, osteoporotic bones, delayed bone growth and bone mineral deficiency. Boniheal suspension provides superior bone health anti-oxidant which stimulates osteoblasts, the bone-building cells. Easily Absorbs Calcium form.

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Product Highlights

Boniheal Provides Natural Calcium, Probone Minerals & Phytocomponents For Complete Bone Health.

Unique Features of Boniheal:

  • A unique combination of 4 active, easily absorbable forms of Ca.
  • A rare combination of essential Pro-bone minerals with vitamin D & K.
  • Works in all 3 phases of fracture healing, shortens bone healing duration significantly, by 2 weeks.
  • Increases Osteoblastogenesis, limits Osteoclastogenesis & promotes required bone mineralisation.
  • Supplements superior bone health Anti-oxidants.

Indications for Boniheal

  • Fractured bone
  • Osteoporosis
  • Delayed bone growth
  • Bone mineral deficiency

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Boniheal Suspension

Boniheal Suspension

INR 566 /-

Direction of Use

As directed by your Healthcare Professional

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