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Punarnava Extract Cap 500 mg
Punarnava Extract Cap 500 mg
Punarnava Extract Cap 500 mg

Punarnava Extract Cap 500 Mg


Natural Punarnava 500 mg capsules are suitable for treating kidney disease, rheumatism, fever, edema, alcoholism, eye disease, vulvodynia, splenomegaly and liver disease. It acts as a rejuvenator, balancing tridoshas, ​​reducing inflammation, preventing bloating, improving heart health, stimulating formation of blood and increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood.

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  • It acts in the form of a carminative that helps in increasing appetite, reducing abdominal pain and digesting. It is also of good help in relieving digestion
  • Punarnava is a rejuvenating and also used in an impaired urinary function.
  • It is an excellent herbal supplement for reducing excess fluids, edema, and congestion due to excess kapha.

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Punarnava Extract Cap 500 mg

Punarnava Extract Cap 500 Mg

INR 175 /-

Direction of Use

As directed by your Healthcare Professional

Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa 500mg

Ans.) Yes, the Punarnava herb has strong diuretic properties. The capsule forms of Punarnava with a dosage of 2 capsules/ day twice a daily is administrated in such situations to the patient. Consultation of Ayurvedic Doctor is advised for prper direction of usage and dosage.

Ans.) Punarnava can be taken along with milk or water or as suggested by the ayurvedic doctor or practitioner, to be taken twice a day on an empty stomach or an hour before the meal.

Ans.) The extract from the plant can help with both preventing and managing kidney disease, said researchers, and added that one can definitely help slow the disease's progression and treats its symptoms and complications by using formulations containing 'Punarnava' and a careful diet.


  • Purnarnava has diuretic, anti - inflammatory, antioxidant properties that revives kidney cells and helps balance body fluids by eliminating toxins.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties eliminate the infection and reduce the pain caused by the disease.
  • It helps induce endema which reduces the risk of congestive heart failure . 
  • It also stimulates bile secretion which helps improve liver function.
  • It helps regulate urination and avoids fluid buildup which helps kidney stone.
  • It excretes extra body fluid which helps fight obesity.
Doctor's Review
Dr. Rajesh Singh
I am treating kidney related patients with Punernava since many decades. Sushain's Punernava is 500 mg extract based capsule. b y its specifications it look effective and potent. Punernava is best natural herb for Kidney protection. It is used in chronic kidney disease, urinary tract disease, liver health, kidney stone, obesity management. In its extract for the herb become more effective
Jan 21, 2022

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