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Prenatal and Postnatal Care Ayurvedic Treatment

Motherhood is the new journey of the women's life with lots of ups and down during pregnancy journey. Ayurvedic Prenatal and Postnatal Care with its unique principles of food regimen that is Ahara vihara aiming at wholesome prenatal care that is Garbhiniparicharya of the pregnancy lady and for the growing fetus.

Garbhiniparicharya (Prenatal care) aids for proper fetus and mother nutrition, prevents mothers from vyaadhis (diseases), ayurveda aims for uneventful pregnancy journey. The growth and development of the baby depends on health, diet, mental condition of the mother. So garbhini (pregnant women) should always follow proper diet and follow Garbhiniparicharya.

Objectives of Garbhiniparicharya:

  • Vatanulomana (to regulate)
  • Garbhaposhan (nourishment of fetus)
  • Kalaprasava (expected delivery time)
  • Sukha prasava (uneventful pregnancy and delivery)

Maternal Assessment:

  • All the blood investigation
  • Monthly USG
  • Weight according to time
  • Iron and folic acid supplement
  • Maasanumasika Garbhiniparicharya (monthly regimen) explained in detail according to the condition of garbhini.

Diet generally advised with following properties:

  • Madhura rasa - sweet substances
  • Satmyabhojana- wholesome diet
  • Sheetaveerya and Guna - cooling nature and potency
  • Liquid diet
  • Ksheera (milk) predominantly advised
  • Ghrita(cow ghee)
  • Madhu (honey)
  • Navaneeta(butter)
  • Diet rich in Shashtika shali(Shashtika rice), milk, ghee, Yashtimadhu, butter helps in form of embryo.

Role of yoga in prenatal care:

  • Trimester wise yoga is advised by experts for wellbeing of both mother and child to smoothen the pregnancy journey.
  • Pranayama is advised to reduce stress and anxiety, also, for the development of foetus in the womb.
  • Music therapy is practiced.

Ayurveda Postnatal Care Online Treatment

Ayurvedic Postnatal care / sutika paricharya is the stage immediately after delivery of the baby, where mother needs to follow proper regimen to keep herself healthy and also to take care of baby.

Sutika paricharya or post-natal phase is the period after delivery of conceptus when maternal physiological and anatomical changes return to the non-pregnant stage. During this phase a woman's body cannot withstand if the doshas are aggregated, as there is agnimandya and vataprakopa, it may lead to many diseases. So, to prevent sutika roga proper care of Ahara and vihara is very important.

How to take care of diet?

Initial 45 days are very important and has to be taken proper care.
1) As agni or digestion process is weak, vata is increased, immunity and strength is decreased. So very light, fresh cooked food is advised for mother.

2)   Ghee is advised to give strength and to support lactation.
3)   Manda (rice gruel) prepare 1-part rice with 14 times of water, cooked, filter and have it. This improve agni, reduces vata.
4)   After 12 days of delivery meat soup is advised for non-vegetarian.
5)   Drink 8 to 10 glass of water daily.
6)   Vatahara kashaya like Dashamoolarishta, laghu panchamoola kashaya is advised.
7)   Dhaliya with ghrita intake is very beneficial.
8)   Sutika laddoo which is a combination of wheat flour, jaggery, ghee, adrak, dry fruits, Shatavari, vidarikanda is advised, it is beneficial for mother for strength, bone health and lactation.
9)   Intake of milk daily with Shatavari granules is a part of diet.
10) Seasonal fruits after 1 week of delivery is advised.
11) Vegetables like Bathuvwa, Methi, spinach, carrot, bottle gaurd, ginger, garlic are highly beneficial.
12) Spices like hing, jeera, methi, saunf acts as vatanulomana.

What is vihara or activities to be followed?

1)   Gentle massage with til taila or bala taila to mother and for baby with coconut or ABL taila followed by warm water is always beneficial.
2)   Proper rest is advised in initial days. For normal delivery 7 days, LSCS 15 days.
3)   Good hygiene for breast, to feed baby frequently.
4)   Proper sleep daily.
5)   Keep self-comfort with warm clothes.
6)   Sushain is a platform for all patients who talk to health professionals about their health issues, especially anger and anxiety issues, who do not hesitate to consult a doctor, and who are always on standby to resolve their issues is.

Role of yoga

  • After 3 weeks one can start oum Kara practice for wellbeing of mother and child.
  • Then after 1 month, sukshma vyayama can be started, like slow warm up like finger exercise, joint movement relaxes exercise.
  • After 6-week simple streching can be done.
  • Focus on pranayama and oum chanting.
  • Yoga strengthens muscles, helps for lactation, increase energy, helps to balance both body and mind.

So, it's always important to maintain and follow pre Natal care/ Garbhiniparicharya and Sutikacharya/ Ayurvedic Post natal care for the uneventful journey of Pregnancy care in Ayurveda and for boosting physical, emotional and mental health of both baby and the mother.