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Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is a group of diseases happens when normal cells become cancerous cells that multiply and spread.

Ayurvedic cancer refers to any of the number of diseases characterised by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and destroy normal body tissue.

Cancer often has the ability to spread throughout the body.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world.

Early detection and treatment are helping to improve the survival rates.

Normal cells follow instructions provided by the genes. Normal cells divide and multiply in a controlled manner, but cancerous cells multiply uncontrollably. Normal cells don’t grow as fast as cancer cells.

Cancer starts When a gene or several genes mutate and create cancerous cells. These cells create cancer clusters or tumours.

cancerous cells may break away from tumours, using your lymphatic system or bloodstream to travel tonother parts of the body called as metastasis.

What are the causes of cancer?

Medical researchers estimate 5 to 12% of all the chances are caused by inherited genetic situations that you can’t control.

Smoking, intake of tobacco

alcohol intake

Exposure to ultraviolet rays


Diet and lifestyle

Radiation (UV rays)

Excessive sun exposure

Immune suppressive drugs

Infectious agents

What are the common symptoms of cancer?

Change in Bowel or bladder habits


Lump or area of thickening that can be felt under the skin

Weight loss, maybe either in loss of weight or gain

Skin changes

Persistent cough or trouble breathing

Difficulty swallowing

Body pain, joint pain

Persistent unexplained fever

Unusual bleeding or discharge

Ayurveda approach for Cancer:

Ayurveda approach for cancer is the disease, according to Ayurveda all the doshas, sapta dhatu and mala are in vitiated and in imbalanced stage.

Treatment is depending upon the bala of patient that is stage, if it is in very early stage with ayurveda support condition can be treated and also cured.

Ayurveda provides supportive Online treatment fo cancer.

Many herbal preparations are used to treat and reduce tumor also to stop spreading of online consultation for cancer cells in the body.


Panchakarma is planned depending upon the condition that is bala of the individual, for internal purification to balance vitiated doshas, dhatus and mala.

Herbal medicines are planned to reduce the growth of abnormal cells.


To boost the immune system of the person, by proper diet, yoga, pranayam and meditation.


Healthy food intake that is fruits, leafy vegetables is advised for proper nutrition and also to boost immunity

Avoid maida, sugar, salt, dairy products.

Have food rich in fibre

Plant based diet

Avoid Raw food, junk food

Ayurveda believe and guide positive and healthy lifestyle can bring many changes, diet, treatment improve the survival rate, so boosting confidence is very important.

Important Ayurveda herbs for cancer treatment








Role of yoga, pranayama to treat cancer

Yoga helps to ease the mental and physical stress imbalanced due to cancer.

Yoga builds the strong inner peace, self-confidence, positive thoughts to fight against the condition both physically and mentally.

Also, yoga reduces the side effects of the disease and it's treatments like fatigue, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite.






Also practicing Anuloma viloma pranayama helps to relieve stress and relax cells. Also, meditation boosts inner strength.